Lead Generation

High quality leads are the driving force behind every successful business. We take an unscripted, intelligent, personable, and professional approach to each enquiry.

All our conversations are natural and relevant to the persons enquiry. We have knowledgeable Turtles on hand to assist every customer and every company we deal with. 

Blue Turtle Leads are the top trending leads in the country for the ECO Scheme, LAD Schemes and private enquiries with our excellent relationships with the UK’s Energy companies.

Our “Customer Information Packs” come with the following:

  • Full customer & property details
  • EST Consent – “wet” signed by customer
  • Data match result from our “in house” system
  • Benefit hard copy (if required)
  • Land registry documents (England, Wales or Scotland)
  • Proof of ownership (if required)
  • Proof of residency (if required)
  • Energy Performance Certificate
  • Utility bill (if required)
  • Agreed “contribution” (if required)
  • Survey availability
  • Photos of property if requested

Blue Turtle will hold at least 1 telephone conversation with every customer to ensure they know and understand the ECO process fully meaning no customer cancellations. We will also stay in touch with the customer throughout the whole process (even after the customer has been handed over to an installer), to ensure the very best service is received.

Should you wish to work with Blue Turtle, please get in touch and we can run through our onboarding process. Contact our team today for further details, pricing & payment terms

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