What’s Available for you?

There are many ways you can save energy, money and the environment by upgrading your home and the ECO Scheme is your key to getting the funding you need.

Receiving one of the following benefits is a common way of qualifying for funding but even if you’re not on any sort of benefits we can still help by way of your Local Authority funding package.

Child Tax Credit
Working Tax Credit
Universal Credit
Income Support
Income Based Job Seekers Allowance
Income Related Employment & Support Allowance

Pension Guarantee Credit
Disability Living Allowance
Personal Independence Payment
Attendance Allowance
Carers Allowance
Severe Disablement Allowance

Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit
War Pensions Mobility Supplement
Constant Attendance Allowance
Armed Forces Independence Allowance
Child Benefit (Salary Cap Applies)

So whether on benefits or not, check out below how you can make your home leaner, greener and more efficient by using our simple application form to get your funding now!

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Broken Boiler Replacement

If you boiler is old, broken or under-performing, this scheme may be able to provide you with a brand new, fuel-efficient eco-friendly boiler that will keep your home warm and cosy through even the coldest of winters.


If you own your property and the boiler is over 7 years old we can complete insulation at your property and also replace your boiler with a brand new eco-friendly A-rated boiler.

Full Central Heating systems

If your property doesn’t have (and has never had) central heating, you may be able to switch from your current heating to a full gas or LPG central heating system with a grant secured by Blue Turtle. This grant will include the boiler, radiators and all pipework.

High Heat Retention Storage heaters

If you are currently using electric room heaters, or even very old and inefficient storage heaters, we can secure the funding to install High Heat Retention Storage heaters to the property, saving hundreds of pounds every year in your heating costs.

LOFt Insulation

Save pounds, help the environment and make your home a cosy haven with a well-insulated loft.

Solid Wall InsulAtion

Controlling the loss of heat in your home is a vital step to ensuring you keep your energy costs down, and insulating your rooms is a great way to do just that. Blue Turtle has funding for solid wall properties and can secure it for your home for both Internal & External Wall Insulation.


This is one of the best and simplest ways to save energy and money. You’ve already paid to create the heat in your home and you can make sure it stays in there with cavity wall insulation.

Room in Roof Insulation

If you are currently using your loft or attic space as a bedroom or living area then we can secure the funding to fully insulate this extra room. Blue Turtle can make sure the sloping ceilings, vertical walls and any flat areas are fully insulated; maximising the energy efficiency of the space.


If you have a flat roof at your property then we can also provide insulation for that and you could enjoy similar savings and energy efficiency to that of a loft insulated property.