Solar PV Panels 

Solar PV works by harvesting the sun’s energy during daylight hours. The PV panels collect this energy and turn it into DC power.

This electricity is sent through an inverter where it is changed from DC power to AC power which can be used in the property.

The generated electricity passes through a meter where total generation data is collected.

Once the power reached your fuse board it will be distributed to items or appliances that are currently running.

Any surplus power which is not being used will now be exported to the national grid to be used elsewhere. (Unless you have battery storage)

During daylight hours, whilst the solar is generating, you will have the ability to use appliances for FREE from the Solar Pv, which can significantly reduce the energy bills for domestic and commercial properties.

​The overall amount of energy you generate will all depend upon the size of the system you install. This can be determined by the roof / ground space available and the capacity of the local grid.

To enhance your energy savings we would also suggest installing a battery storage solution to minimise any export which would increase your savings further.

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